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  • William
    Jan 9, 2013
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      Mary,I remember my objection to Nam . I could never see any pressing national interest. Kennedy was said to be trying to halt the incursion and some say that was part of the reason for the assination. Who knows that whole time is clouded in conspiracy theories. Certainly Johnson and then Nixon went hog wild and it seemed never ending. The protests,gas,clubs will never be forgotten.I still shudder when I think of it all and remember my induction . I volunteered but was scared shitless. I had it easy but knew so many that were permanently wounded,both mentally and physically. Then there were 58,000 dead.
      When Robert Kennedy was gunned down I just retreated from public discussion and buried my head in my studies.I remember being happy when Johnson stepped down but the scourge of Nixon was even worse. I, like many, were clubbed in the streets and spit on in uniform. It was a terrible time and I just try to forget it. Yes ,Eduard, I agree there will be further troubles in the mid east but hopefully we will be most reluctant to intervene militarily. Islamic radicals and their killing of women tempt us to get involved. Those radicals are thugs and sending in troops is a poor response. Afgans are going to have a tough time but what is new. Obama is trying to get out early leaving a residual force to stop terrorists and train security forces. I doubt anyone thinks the place will be secure. I know we will retain the right to hit the radicals and I have to agree with that. No civilised country wants anything to do with Taliban and drug lords. It is the sink hole of the world and at best can only be contained. No one wants to go there ,no one wants to be there.
      As to Egypt we have some leverage and we will have to learn to deal with whatever leadership sorts out . That countries internal problems are massive and they will fly apart without international aid.Ithink Obama and John Kerry will be most careful about any military intervention. If we can keep the peace makers in office then there will be a better outcome. Allow the right back in power and we will slip right back into intervention and war. The f16`s are flying less over my house. I like the peace and quiet. Soon they will be retired here, at least the drones are quiet. Bill
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