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58923Re: [existlist] Cosmos & Evolution

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  • eduardathome
    Jan 5, 2013
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      In nature, systems evolve or follow basic laws like a galaxy system. A
      natural system might be considered intelligent in the sense that it decides
      what will occur within itself. But those decisions are also to follow
      established rules, so system would not be able to modify its reactions to
      take care of something new. For example, one might say that a river system
      is intelligent, but that is to stretch the meaning when we say a human has
      intelligence. A river can change its bed if there is a landslide, but it is
      just following its own rules. A river can't decide to flow up a mountain.
      Albeit some humans cannot deal with something new either.

      If you have a system and were to say that it is intelligent, I don't think
      that one could then say that each part is intelligent. It would imply that
      the part could decide to modify its own reaction and that would be
      impossible by definition. Within the human body/brain system, only the
      brain can change its reaction to something. The heart can change its beat
      rate, but if it does so on its own, then you are in trouble.

      The brain perceives systems and can only influence them by the human
      actively doing something. Some people believe that the brain can manipulate
      objects at a distance. But I don't and I don't think that mental
      telekinetics has ever been proven. There are lots of stories, but if it
      were true outside of the Hollywood, we would know it with a certainty.

      Systems influence the brain by stimulation. If my heating system fails my
      brain will know it by the chill and will tell me to call the furnace people.


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      Does a system design itself? Is each part intelligent? Does a brain merely
      perceive systems or does it influence them, and does the system influence
      the brain?



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