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58913Re: [existlist] I pee, therefore I am

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  • eduardathome
    Jan 4, 2013
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      It might rival the brain [which I doubt], but the kidney doesn't think.

      I am Jack's failing kidney.
      I kill Jack.


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      From: William
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      Subject: [existlist] I pee, therefore I am

      Study the kidney , It is a dual organ responsible for excretion. The tissue
      itself is very complex with anatomical structures that rival the brain or
      reproductive system.Dead kidneys = equil dead brain. Dead brain = dead
      kidneys. An animal has system needs and all must function, any significant
      failure of the soma complex and the organism fails. So as a narrow
      interest thinker like Decartes tries to accept his perspective of life I
      use my more complex view of life to modify his simplistic rules. If he quit
      peeing he could think all the hell he wanted, his urine would dround him in
      a toxic imbalance much more deadly than any philosophical quandry. Bill


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