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58894Re: [existlist] When we did not know

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  • eduardathome
    Jan 1, 2013
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      I am trying to do a paper on distances. Even though we hear about probes
      such as Voyager, I don't think anyone has a clear idea of the immense
      distances. Who can visualize a million light years?? Even distances on
      earth are not well understood. Consider the thickness of the atmosphere. I
      mean the thickness that is available to humans and where our weather mostly
      takes place. This atmosphere is only like the thickness of the veneer on a
      kitchen countertop when compared to human size. If we assume this
      atmosphere goes up 6 miles and the earth were the size of a 6 foot human,
      the thickness would be 0.054 inches or 1.4 millimeter.


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      From: William
      Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2013 12:46 PM
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      Subject: [existlist] When we did not know

      God ,as has been well explained by the group filled in the holes in the
      thoughts of questioning people. I have a friend who relies on me to keep him
      informed on philosophical matters. Now he is what I consider a true
      agnostic,he not only does not know about philosophical matters,he does not
      Most people in the prior centuries used the priests to explain god and
      deal with the concept. By the time I was eighteen I had discarded the god
      concept. For me there was just less and less room for the idea and then
      with an expanding notion of science I began to fill in my own holes.
      Hubble did a great deal and the pictures of far flung nebuli and distant
      galaxies gave visual proof of modern cosmic theory. Eienstein and atomic
      theories were about a world we did not even expect existed. The bomb was a
      roaring,burning proof of those great theories.
      Less and less was missing from the picture and I began studying particle
      physics knowing there were still gaps in that set of equations. This is an
      adventure in the acquisation of knowledge. Now ,to the detrement of faith.
      knowledge explains the cosmos. People know where ,who,and what they are and
      no priest need explain it.
      I understand that we are tiny and segregated to a minute bit of space but we
      have control of our minds and empirical knowledge to back up our hard won
      theories. As Eduard says now we know the vastness of space and as a good
      engineer he has measured a length of it in his cul de sac. Now we know and
      this group,often from very different perspectives, has voiced that knowledge
      and discounted the old faith. Hard work,good work. Bill


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