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58855Re: [existlist] Re: Working philosophy

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  • eduardathome
    Dec 29, 2012

      But doesn't everyone decide their own truth?? Are you suggesting that
      people in general do not decide their truth?? For example, you are making a
      statement in your email below. I would presume that you think it is true.
      So it is you who is doing the deciding. If not, then what other person or
      thing made that decision for you??

      I don't know if my position is "postmodern". If one must use labels, my
      position is more in the way of "positivism", although I am not sure of that


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      I don't think the postmodern label applies to my thought. I regret that
      existentialism is associated with postmodernism. An ethical atheism or even
      some nihilistic association are better fits in my opinion. eduard seems more
      postmodern as he thinks everyone decides their own truth. I say truth is a
      process rather than a result but that all objects we perceive, including
      other subjects, are real appearances, hence an objective reality. Truth and
      reality are different categories. Anyway . . . have fun outdoors. It's the
      only way to enjoy winter.

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