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  • William
    Dec 29, 2012
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." <somerset_2@...> wrote:
      > Now now sweet pea don't cry; pull yourself together and chin up, it
      > is not the end of the world. Just because your old life has now
      > crumbled away, as things do, it is no time for remorse. Doors close and
      > other doors open, so off with the old and on with the new. Life is full
      > of challenges, so face them like a man; and what of William the
      > Conqueror eh? Feint heart never won fair Lady. So pull that magic sword
      > from the stone and once more into the breach dear friend, onward and
      > ever forward.
      > Sir Merlin of Exmoor
      > Thank you ,Merlin, I finished the driveway and was able to do it in one outing. I wanted to get back in shape and it is actually happening. In three working bouts I have tripled my endurance. Now who would have thought I would be conversing with an English mystic. You never discount any possibility and I like that. I will try to be more accepting of new things. I just wore my old ski pants and I am not as heavy as I was three years ago or was that six years ago? Next I will try the old boards and I remember cross country as a liberating experience. Perhaps tomorrow as conditions look good. Mary,Eduard and I are in deep snow times. Hearing a canadian gripe about winter is like listening to a pro. The two mild winters before this gave me two more years to work .This year is getting pretty rough and I am happy I do not have to fight it and work. We have 12 or 13 inches on the ground but the top two are light and fluffy, perfect for skiing. No lift tickets in the big waterworks park but I have to remember the rules. No more than three and a half miles out,you might not make it back. A bottle of gatoraid and some sweets for energy but no camping gear. I used to winter camp but will never talk Priscilla into that. Does it snow in Exmoor? It has been just above zero for three nights. Our power was knocked out by the big storm and we went to a hotel to survive ,It broke up the cabin fever and I was able to hydrotherapy my aching back. Four hours of shoveling heavy snow was probably too much. I used to be able to get into a rythmic trans like state on cross country skiis. It felt like floating or flying and in near white out conditions could be other worldly. It is good to have those memories creeping back into my head. Like you say Merlin, I need awake to some of the wonderful things I have forgotten. Need to go find my poles.Thanks, Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" wrote:
      > >
      > > I like Eduards idea that a machine may not be ideal for a task but
      > if it works use it as long as it lasts. The post modernist
      > ,deconstructionist ideas just do not work. I have never tried to use
      > them as they make you try to build on vapors.
      > > I consider modernism to be empirical at its base. It comes out of
      > sense knowledge not out of abstract thinking. It is grounded in the
      > reality of sense knowledge and that knowledges adherance to the real
      > world.
      > > That Eduard has a philosophy that has served him from teen age to
      > retirement seems a good operation for him. I can say the same for mine
      > as I have been a modernist for nearly fifty years.
      > > Now Mary has been an existentialist and an artist and a
      > postmodernist. I think she still exhibits post modernist ideas and for
      > her they work. Who am I to try to inhibit her freedom to exist as she
      > wishes. Certainly post modernism runs parallel to modernism and cross
      > referencing between the ideas is interesting and often constructive.
      > > Dick`s mystacism is too big a stretch for me but much of his writing
      > outside the mystical is very empirical and I enjoy reading his ideas on
      > life and history.With hard drives of written material he has paid his
      > dues in the thinking business.
      > > Eduards Nooism just escaped me. I thought he might come back to it
      > and I wonder if he can explain it again. Is it still a part of his
      > operating philosophy? I have come to the realisation I have served my
      > last dental patient. I must say I feel a bit lost. The final patient
      > was a goalie who I played hockey with more than forty years ago. I could
      > not stand to hang around after he left and I just left without much
      > fanfare. The staff just kept crying whenever they looked at me and
      > there just didnt seem much to be said. There are many ends to be tied up
      > but for the time being I need to forget about the office that no longer
      > is operating. Right now I will go shovel some snow and get physical and
      > avoid any more thinking about it.
      > > Talking about modernism seems a safe persuit, dealing with the list
      > people is usually rewarding. I will find out how my long used philosophy
      > deals with this life change. It is only two inches of snow but it should
      > fill in an hour. The rest of my life needs to be planned. I`ll start
      > after the drive is cleared. Bill
      > >
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