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  • William
    Dec 12, 2012
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      It seems a merteor just missed earth and we did not see it until two days before the near miss. It was about the sixe of a school bus . So it is still wild out there and saftey is an illusion. This would not have been an extinction causing strike but it would have dug a big hole and if it hit a populated area there would have been a lot of death.
      Remember SCUD missles, Assad is using them . Just when you thought it safe to go out some despot rings up the death and destruction number. It turns out the space plane had flown before and actually works like a small shuttle. That we have a machine that blasts into orbit, and stays for months and reenters the atomsphere and lands is a fantastic feat. What it was doing up there for months is classified.

      And Ravi Shancar has died. I liked the Indian music and thought the beatles were augmented by the unusual addition. I think it will take centuries to mix with the ancient eastern countries but music has already hastned the interaction . We need to understand a great deal more if we are to live in peace and security. Find the space rocks, interact with the eastern peoples and build machines that promote life and reject useless killing. Bill
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