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58705Freedom of Religion?

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  • Dick.
    Dec 11, 2012
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      Freedom of Religion?

      [ Why does the USA keep going on about the freedom of religion. What
      about the freedom of having no religion? People should be free to
      believe whatever they want to believe, and free to believe nothing at
      all. ]

      :- ) It isn't about freedom to believe things. People can believe
      whatever they want to believe, or nothing at all, and nobody would know
      about it. They cannot read your mind you know :- ) But that type of
      person wants to make a show of it, and tell everybody; and then do
      something about it, including getting the laws of the land changed to
      suit them and using religion as the reason for it :- )

      But as I said, people are into religions for all kinds of reasons as
      well as being dead stupid. A large percentage of religionists are into
      it because of some psychic experience which they had and they cannot
      explain it. Hell, they have told me enough times. So it must be the
      doings of godo eh, or his kid of course, or his prophets and guru's
      of wisdom :- ) Others so that they can feel that they belong to
      something. Tis a backward world sir. It has not come out of the dark
      ages yet. And don't forget that the Sun (son) stands between you
      and the heavens and passes through the mansions of the lud of creation
      :- ) They do say that you can never disprove a belief. Of course you
      cannot. And who would even want to bother. It isn't their beliefs
      that matter a damn, it is what they do about it. And needless to say
      that many still believe that moral conduct comes because of believing in
      some religion and that they will be rewarded for it when they are dead.
      And don't forget that you can get away with murder in the name of a
      religion; they are doing it for their great lud. They have had their
      brains ripped out sir. Or never allowed to grow. Oh well, the world
      reaps the effects of what the world does. But there must be plenty of
      other worlds out there where life can inhabit and live in peace. I hope
      so. For if this one was the only representative of incarnate life then
      that would be very sad for life would it not.


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