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58677Electromagnetic Brain?

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  • Dick.
    Dec 6, 2012
      Electromagnetic Brain? [ Some theories suggest that consciousness is the
      result of electromagnetic fields generated by the brain. So how would
      human evolution and consciousness expansion fit with mystical
      experience? ] Sounds like a brain wave :- ) Well, it would dump my
      theory that it is caused by Marmite and Peanut Butter. The Brain must
      surely be the most complex machine known to humanity as well as being
      the most mysterious and little understood. But no matter what causes
      consciousness, we have got it. So, what exists to become conscious of? I
      know that I am aware of experiencing things. So, what things? But
      human beings are not the only things with brains. So, one ought to take
      a look at the evolution of BRAIN. They do say that the nearest thing to
      me is a monkey and that we share almost the same DNA. (we don't
      share the same toilet by the way) But they tell me that monkeys have
      about a seven billion brain cells and that we have about 90 billion
      brain cells. A good question would be how much of our brain potential do
      we actually use effectively. Is it a machine just ticking over waiting
      to be used more effectively? And maybe we need a heart transplant. So,
      when asserting that I am not consciousness but rather something which
      consciousness passes through am I saying that I am a puddle of water in
      the head dome which has a few other chemicals dumped in it? The OCEAN of
      consciousness would be very fitting then would it not :- ) As for
      consciousness expansion then I have known that, and written about it.
      And it happens so quick. It is quite alarming. But it shrank again. It
      closed down almost to a point of no duration, and then WHAM. So, could
      these electromagnetic waves generated by this puddle of water get
      outside of the head and modulate the structure of a brick wall and then
      cause a ghost phenomenon via the walls of a house? Oh I do love
      theories don't you? Me thinks that a good idea (brain wave) would be
      to set about proving them all to be right or wrong. The place is
      littered with dead theories innit. So, let us make lasting waves eh. But
      if the brain is like a radio transmitter that can send out
      electromagnetic waves then what signals can it receive? And what is the
      signal to noise ratio? And from whence do those received signals come
      from? And NO – don't say it :- ) A bigger transmitter. CQ CQ CQ
      is anybody out there? I must get a bigger antenna. How is yours
      working? Perhaps I will build a bigger antenna on mount Sigh on High. Or
      I could always be a water fairy perhaps. Isn't it fun lads. But it
      will soon be the Tide of Yule. It hardly ever stops reigning here in
      this King Dome. Radio Merlin. QTH the stagnant pond down by the old bull
      and bush.

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