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  • Dick.
    Dec 2, 2012
      You, of all people, and along with some others here, know well enough
      that these types who are generally called materialists do not see the
      word and the universe and life as you see it, and I see it, and others
      here and elsewhere see it, and live it. They do not experience the
      things which you do. They talk of beginnings of the world and a universe
      and they talk about the end of the world and a universe, but they have
      never seen anything of the sort; it is all theories yet they choose to
      live their lives as though all this was real true. They talk about the
      beginning of life and the end of life, yet they have never seen anything
      of the sort, it is all self created myth. It is where they ARE AT. There
      has never been a time when others were not living without metaphysical
      events in their life. What do materialists call such people? They have
      no idea what they are talking about. What have been called
      sensitive's, psychics, mystics etc etc have always been around. You
      have lived enough of it, so have others here, so have I, all my life
      here. One is not talking about `beliefs' here, as they like to
      call it; such people are living in a different world, a different life
      style, a different way of being. Living at a different level of being.
      They do not see what you see, they do not live what you live. Why would
      one even bother to try to convince them of what they do not see and what
      they do not live? One of the things that has nearly always interested me
      is the millions who one day have a one-off experience which blows their
      mind away, and many of them seem to think they have gone crazy; for they
      have never known anything like that before. Where do they go? Who can
      they talk to? What do they come to read? What help is there for them?
      When I came to write about mystical events, and also mentioning psychic
      events, they comprised the vast bulk of the people who contacted me.
      WHY? THEY are the one's which you can help a bit. Even if it is only
      in reassurance that they are not crazy, as the materialistic paradigm
      think them to be. So, let them natter about the beginning of the worlds
      and the beginning of a universe and death and doom to their hearts
      content. It does not alter our life does it. Ask them if they see what
      you see and live what you live and experience and they have no idea what
      you are talking about. However, what made the one-offs sensitive enough
      for that moment to see what they saw? Was it something within them or
      was it some kind of resonance from out there which momentarily altered
      their state of consciousness? Fascinating isn't it. But it is all
      one whole. The outer and the inner are not separated phenomena as that
      type of consciousness sees it to be. The observer and the observed are
      not alienated phenomena. rwr From: "William "Asa" Sent: Sunday,
      December 2, 2012 4:41 PM
      Subject: Re: Entropy?

      Entrophy-the theory that the natural order of matter is disorder and
      because of that natural state without the effects of sufficient external
      energy and a driving mechanism that the "normal" condition would be a
      "downward" degenerating spiral toward disorder and chaos.

      This theory acknowledges that within this Universe that in the presence
      of consciousness and sufficient energy that matter can be directed,
      controlled and brought to some higher order level of existence. Such is
      truly the case based upon the observable and should require no further
      exploration. The issue then lies not in what can be observed at the
      macrocosmic level but instead that which must be perceived at the inner
      intuitive, philosophic, or metaphysical level.

      The theory itself is complex enough to carry one back to issues
      surrounding the very origins or genesis of this Universe. The concept
      that is accepted by most of science is that at the matter level there
      has to be some mechanism that develops, controls, and brings order to
      matter thereby creating that which exists at the higher levels of
      combined matter. However, that acceptance seems to stop at that level
      never being pushed and embraced to deeper levels.

      What then would be the mechanism that provides the development, control
      and order to matter? Truly, it can only be consciousness itself. The
      natural attraction of consciousness to only states of similar
      consciousness provides the manner by which our cells are formed.
      Beginning with the elemental building blocks that are available within
      the Universe, hydrogen and other elements, these acting in consort with
      others of like consciousness/intelligence create a natural attraction
      which to it that which it requires to become greater than it is at the
      singular elemental level.

      This attraction which even the smallest of that which exists within the
      Universe contains is the cause of the attraction of one element to
      another. The seeking of balance within and of itself. A normal natural
      process that sits upon the very real truth that within the Universe all
      things are conscious and has intelligence.
      This view when expanded to the greater vision reveals that this
      consciousness/intelligence predates the origin or genesis of this
      Universe. That consciousness/intelligence within even the smallest
      entity of existence within this Universe is evidence of that which
      existed before that genesis. This existing intelligence then rides upon
      and is one with the energy that exists as a causal factor of the very
      existence of that from which the elements of this Universe is formed.
      Whatever it was that existed prior to Universe had to exhibit some form
      of consciousness or intelligence and that had to be in consort with the
      forces necessary to bring together what existed to created the matter
      that provides the material for the creation of all that exists within

      Call this consciousness/intelligence that existed prior to Universe
      coming into being Creator, Unmanifested, or by whatever name you may
      choose. The reality is that through the processes that are accepted in
      observable sciences such as Astronomy instead of experimental based
      sciences one can "see" that such has to be the case. Once Universe began
      each particle of matter then carries with it the "heredity" of the
      intelligence/consciousness that existed prior to the genesis of

      As each particle of matter attracted to it in a slow ever evolving
      building process the resultant mass of matter particulates held together
      by the energy of attraction supported by the frequential energy that
      exists throughout the Universe formed by that attraction grew in
      consciousness/intelligence via a multiplicative exponential effect. This
      mass of energetic consciousness/intelligence then begins to expand and
      add to its own consciousness/intelligence simply through existing or put
      in other terms, grew through experiencing that which existed to

      At some point in development that consciousness/intelligence will reach
      a point where it will be able to express based upon the combined
      evolution of what it has experienced. Such would at some point in
      development reach a level of being to express in thought based upon its
      experiencing. The observable is in the evolving of a "human" from infant
      to adulthood and beyond.

      All of what is that makes up all of Creation is observable at any time
      by anyone based upon the wisdom and knowledge passed to us from and via
      the adage, as above so below, as below so above. To state in more
      explicit terms, that which can be observed at any level of existence
      will reflect that exists either in larger, more macronic, or lower, more
      micronic, levels of existence. To observe the cycles of development,
      growth, expansion, and becoming of a single "human" entity is to observe
      the development, growth, expansion, and becoming of the entire Universe
      or the coming together of each fundamental element to form matter and
      matter into ever greater entities.


      Dick Richardson <dick.richardson@...> wrote:Entropy? [ What is
      your take on the theory of entropy? ] If this spacetime bubble
      disappeared then another would take its place. Many others seem to have
      a dire fixation on death, morbidity, and endings, and be-liefs abound.
      So much baggage. Two Butterflies went out one dayAnd danced above a
      streamThen stepped right throughA portalAnd drifted on a beam;Then wing
      to wingThey went their awayO'er a mighty sea.Though never yetCan any
      portTheir coming, mentioned, be.
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