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58628A grand master

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  • William
    Nov 27, 2012
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      Merlin ,you are a master of nothing. Your silly story about your hallucinations makes you a slave
      of your own delusions.
      I am not obsessed with religion,I have had nothing to do with it for better than fifty years. Nothing,Dick, not gone to church,not said a prayer,not given a dime.
      You ,however have a real obsession with mystacism. You write about it continually . You write books about it and wildly discourage any who do agree with your mad dream. I give you no permission to reprint what I write, not that that will change you one damn bit. You are an out of control, internet renegade. I will continue to ignore the mysticism foolishness and comment on your posts when they have some interest or merit.
      That you are boiling your life down to a sham is sad. I know you played the scientist by rubbing shoulders with a few. This site has continually rebuffed your mystic invasion and I am sure that will continue.
      I would ask why none of your supposid fans come here to defend you. Make them up as fast as you can Dick, your delusion just gets deeper and more pathetic.
      Please know that existentialism and whatever you espouse are very different things. The pragmatics of modernism have no room for personal delusions. You might read some existentialism and see if you can get better. Bill