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58614Enhancing performance with drugs?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 27, 2012
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      Enhancing performance with drugs?

      [ What do you feel about enhancing performance with drugs? So many
      people seem to be at it in these times. ]

      It is none of my business is it ma'am. If people want to take drugs
      then let them get on with it. Their drug taking is not going to affect
      my mind and consciousness or performance is it. What I object to
      strongly is the crime caused by addicts in order to get the cash to get
      their fix. I would bang them up fast. But if folks use them to enhance
      some kind of performance in this or that then that is their problem and
      concern, not mine. What is wrong with performance as it comes? Seems to
      be quite natural doesn't it. I also use electronic calculators. They
      can do it quicker than I can. I have been accused of taking drugs in
      that I have been smoking for seventy years. So if that is a drug then so
      be it. But I have never done that for any kind of enhancement of any
      performance. I simply enjoyed it and still do. Is walking across the
      moors and taking in the fresh air and the view a drug? Is taking in
      experience a drug? For that enhances your performance :- ) Is practicing
      something in order to enhance your ability at it a drug? Medicine is a
      drug isn't it? I have no objection to medicine if needed. Mind
      you, if ever I broke a leg then I think I would use a stick for a while
      to enhance my performance at walking for a while until it got better.
      But I have never broken a leg yet so never needed a stick. What people
      do is their business so long as it does not harm others. So I am not
      really interested in people taking drugs. Nor am I interested in
      running a mile faster than anybody else. I could do it on a bike faster
      than they could run it :- )))) I would imagine that being addicted to
      something would be a restriction of one's freedom, because one would
      need that fix regularly. But if they don't care about that then so
      be it. I am an advocate of freedom providing it is not affecting others
      in a negative way. So live and let live. There is a wise old saying
      – "Hey, this is my life; let me live it" :- ) There is only
      one sod who is going to live your life, and you know who that is
      don't you. It is an amazing and mysterious thing to be one's
      self isn't it. SELFHOOD. See if you can figure out how it is done.
      Why are YOU not them? I got addicted to that question when I was three
      years old :- ))))

      © rwr

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