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58573Bitter Sweet it is?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 21, 2012
      Bitter Sweet it is?

      [ Merlin, thank you I needed that. I just announced the closing of my
      practice and the patients are showing up to say goodbye. Bitter sweet it
      is. Some are better than forty years in the practice... Closing a
      business is every bit as stressful as starting one.... I will never see
      these people again and many of the faces seem so old. Over all it has
      been good and your pick me up reinforced that. I still saw one new
      patient. Thanks. Bill Grim William. ]

      Bitter Sweet. Not too many people mention that. I could write many
      books on it. There are so many things in life that are bitter sweet.
      Saying goodbye is one of them. I have done it so many times; all my
      life. You had one business for all that time. I can imagine it. But I
      did so many different jobs and moved on, and all those goodbyes knowing
      that you would never see them again. The worst of the lot was when I
      quit teaching people to drive; the job I loved most. And all the time I
      was actually doing it. You get to know them SO well, and then you have
      to say goodbye. But you cannot dwell on it because a new one gets in the
      car and you have to start all over again. Man alive, I wonder what all
      those faces look like now. I don't want to know. Nevertheless,
      don't look on closing it down as an end, think of it as new
      beginning and while keeping all the good memories as you go. I suppose
      also that you do not see too many smiles as a dentist, but in my job
      they were smiling all the time. And many times tears as they smiled.
      You never forget that. Interesting that when you look back on it all
      after seventy five years there is so much about life which is better
      sweet. In a way life itself is better sweet. It is also exhausting work
      and one looks forward to a very long rest. But with a touch of better
      sweet. I was watching the new baby prancing around here today, she seems
      to like me, and the cats :- ) Sixteen months old and so full of life and
      fun. I wonder what awaits in store for her. I hope it is good and
      exciting. Hope for them is all you can do.

      Merlin the old.

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