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58568Where and when did Metaphysics begin?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 20, 2012
      Where and when did Metaphysics begin?

      [ You have issued forth loud and clear when religion comes from but
      where and when do you think that Metaphysics came? But you are fun
      Merlin. ]

      Come-hardy-on-the-marsh. 1742. Wednesday 2.25 pm. It was foggy.
      Metaphysics become a part of `philosophy' a long time ago, the so called
      enquiry into things. But science has now taken that slot over :- ) So
      called. But the notions of things beyond the daily awareness must have
      come about many millennia ago and founded upon psychic experiences, and
      maybe even some mini mystical experiences. I have no idea when. A guess
      would be about a minimum of 50,000 years ago. Quite probably a lot
      longer ago than that. But obviously such things were handed on by word
      of mouth. And you know what happens then :- )))) BIG CONFUSION. And
      religions such as they are now came about many millennia after that when
      gangs of crooks said you must believe in this and have faith in it; or
      else :- ) Not much has changed since then. Not yet anyway. But it will.

      Hey, when did YOU come about? When did coming about come about? And you
      ain't much fun lad; but hang in there and keep trying; if at first you
      don't succeed, and all that :- )))


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