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58559The informed and uniformed user?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 19, 2012
      The informed and uniformed user?

      [ You say that there are three parts to our production as a person on
      earth. The first part, the Being or our life force; the second part, The
      Program or software, and the third part, the Physics or real estate. The
      second or middle part (you have called it a machine shop) being the data
      and information which runs the third part, the incarnate production.
      This sounds much like a computer Richard : ) ]

      Well, does that surprise you? :- ))) But you forgot a couple of things;
      the User and the Interface. What does the hardware do without the
      program, and what does the lot of it do without a user? Have you ever
      noticed that dead bodies do not do anything? There is no user there and
      there is no interface between the user and the hardware. The user cannot
      interface with the hardware if all the bloody valves have blown. So, new
      hardware is required. But the program does not depend on the hardware
      and the user does not depend in the program or the hardware. There
      ain't no bloody hardware where I come from and neither is the
      program running. IPSO.

      However let us forget dead bodies for they are no bloody good to anyone.
      The other bit which you overlooked is the interfacing part when all the
      bits are working. How well informed is the user about itself and the
      parts? And what if the user is not well informed about all that? :-
      )))) So, when they make a computer which is ALIVE and put the live bit
      IN the computer then the analogy will be much more LIFE like. Grab a
      few Bytes of that :- ))) Hey, make sure you do not program a bloody
      religion into it or I will have your guts for gigabytes before you can
      say log on.


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