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58553Fact and Friction?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 18, 2012
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      Fact and Friction?

      [ Why do you think it is that there is so much friction within human
      societies? People believing in so many different things and so much
      arguing about them all, and invariably such things that no human being
      has ever experienced such as big bangs and the domains of gods. What do
      they get out of it all? What good does it do? ]

      Well, it plainly does not do any good. But why? Your guess is as good
      as mine. If ever you come up with a remedy for it then I would love to
      hear it. We learn things as we go through life, such as not walking into
      brick walls, and not to jump in front of moving vehicles, and a few
      other things, and in that we are not all at the same place at the same
      time; so there will always be that amount of differentiation in people.
      But as for things beyond that which people live through and directly
      experience, such as the type of things you mention there, then perhaps
      the better question is not why they argue about them but rather as to
      why they believe them in the first place. One could mention a whole list
      of potential causations; a feeling of insecurity; fear; ridiculous
      indoctrination as a child; loneliness; letting `wondering' go off into
      the realms of the idiotic and getting stuck there; looking for something
      but knowing not what or why: Or perhaps they just find life boring and
      just want to spice it up a bit with fiction: and no doubt you could
      name many more. But there is not going to be one simple answer to it.

      But it obviously goes back a very long way to the times when human
      beings knew virtually zilch about anything so they invented stories to
      account for things which they had no understanding of. As to why people
      do not simply go about their lives just living them and using what they
      do know and doing the things which they can do, and observing things
      which DO happen; and then making a note of them; without creating all
      this idiotic junk, then I don't know why. I doubt if Butterflies argue
      about their be-liefs or look for answers to their problems in their
      tea-leafs. Crazy isn't it. But just as sure as it started so too can it
      end. But not in my time unfortunately :- ) So, just like a diabolical
      smell – steer clear of it. Don't let them drag you down and spoil
      your life here. They sure never messed my life up. It was good; and very
      exciting, as well as being a good learning process. Life sure does not
      need any bullshit or beliefs to spice it up. That is a FACT.


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