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58552Ref Meditation and more than Will Power?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 18, 2012
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      Ref Meditation and more than Will Power?

      [ Right on! Something MMY and the TMorg hear too little of! Meditation
      *helps you* DO that, which would otherwise seem impossible. ]

      Well, I don't know about meditation, never done any of it. Would not
      touch it with a barge pole. But I have been having mystical experiences
      from the age of three. Never used faith, or beliefs, or religions, or
      gods or demons, just LIFE, that is all. And it works. I guess people do
      too much leaning on something and not enough time looking and being
      their self :- ))) If you don't use your SELF then you are up shit creek
      without a paddle. Good wishes to you Sir Knight.

      Sir Richard de Fluffy Tailed Merlin of Exmoor – so dubbed :- )

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