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58547Ref instigating your own death?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 18, 2012
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      Ref instigating your own death?

      [ Dick, This is indeed scary. You are sounding like a friendly,
      balanced, normal person. Any chance we could get together for brew if I
      came over there, or you came over here? ]

      Sure thing amigo, that would be good. Unfortunately you would have to
      pay for the pints of bitter now, for I am brasic lint (skint) :- )) But
      there are still some great bubs around here in Somerset and I can still
      sink a few :- ) 75 and still roaring like a Lion :- ) The pre-war
      models seemed to have been made of something enduring :- ))) But I
      cannot get to the USA. Strange, because I have seemed to have spent the
      last twelve years there :- )))) I know more Yanks then Brits now :- ))))

      Merlin of the Moore

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