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58543Re: Assisted Suicide

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  • Jim
    Nov 18, 2012
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      Thank you for your beautiful and moving account of the life and death of Ramon Sampedro, intermingled with your own experience of spinal injury.

      It seems feeble to say "I agree with everything you write" as that response does not acknowledge your careful drawing of distinctions and appreciation of differing perspectives of these real-life situations.

      My own view – currently I am 56 years old and feel I am gradually approaching old age – is, like yours, that I would like to decide for myself when the appropriate time is for my life to end. I don't want to live "too long" when my enjoyment of life is gone and I am a burden on others, who have their own lives to lead.

      I would prefer a change in the UK law so that people who reach the point where they want to die (after careful reflection, and not on a whim) can apply for their own termination. This idea of applying for one's own death by filling in a Government form, has a slightly distasteful flavour to it, but here in England we cannot all be like Bill with his large calibre hand gun in his bottom drawer.

      I think the idea of "living wills" – regularly updated – stating that if I were to become incapacitated in body and mind such that I can no longer live a meaningful life, then my wish is for my life to be ended. Or if I retain a sound mind, I should be able to consent to my own death, in a clinic or at home, without the need to carry out the deed in secret or in violation of the law of the land.

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