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58538Which City?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 17, 2012
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      Which City?

      [ Just as a matter of interest Merlin, if money and time was no object
      then which of the worlds Cities would you have liked to have seen? ]

      :- ) OMG ! They would have had to have been short visits because I
      don't like being away from here for more than a couple of days :- ) But
      it would have been nice to have seen all the capital/major cities of the
      world. High on the list would have been Paris, Rome, Moscow, St
      Petersburg, Prague, Vienna. But I am crazy about old things, so perhaps
      top of the list would have been the central part of Jerusalem; the tiny
      bit which they call the old City. I could walk around those old cobbled
      covered over `shopping malls' for a week. The colours and smells must be
      exotic, or is it erotic :- ) I gather it dates back about 6000 years.
      That kind of thing blows my skirt up :- ) Pity that the place is
      surrounded by such moronic idiots. Hopefully sanity and wisdom might
      reign there one day. But I doubt it. They don't seem to reign anywhere

      However, it is academic, for I will not be seeing any of them; and the
      time, money and opportunity never arose; and it ain't going to arise
      now. Any frigging way, I have seen an exotic place which no amount of
      money can get you to; and I reign there :- ))) Oh, yeah, there is one
      `city' which I forgot to mention – Camelot :- ))))) But the bloody
      thing ain't be built yet. Maybe in another world far far away from here
      in another Galaxy ;- )))

      Oh, by the way, and it is a bit off topic, but just as a matter of
      interest, I have found the great advantage of taking Furosemide water
      tablets – having a piss was never so enjoyable, and it happens about
      three times every hour; and having a smoke while sitting having a piss
      is heaven; it is one long Aaaahhhh :- )



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