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58537Re: Assisted Suicide

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  • Mary
    Nov 16 4:45 PM
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      Thanks, Bill, for your perspective. We have no control over when we come into the world and little more when it comes time to leave. I think the existential approach is for the state to stay out of both. Sanpedro's situation isn't common, and it must have been awful to implicate others in his plans. Having been completely paralyzed for a time I empathized with his decision. Advance directives make sense because we might be incapacitated suddenly and have our wills jacked by others.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:

      > Mary, I recently watched a program about assisted suicide. There are a good many more public stances than a few years ago. I see the situation as something like endlessly studying the civil war. It ends in such death and reiteration of pain and suffering that dealing with it alone causes pain.
      > I certainly agree it should be the persons choice but the trick is to not lose your personhood and retaining the ability to act. I see many times the loss of ability to act that suddenly come over especially old people. Then you are stuck in the throes of those misdirected authorities of religion and faith who will keep you alive at all costs. That is one sort of the living hell. The law is all over the map and no consensus of any kind is available.
      > The particular show I recently viewed told of a group that uses Helium . They say for many this is a way out. They say little about the process of dying with helium but admit there are involuntary flailing of the arms that necessatate restraint. That willful act on the part of both the dying and the living participants leaves great room for criminal investigation.I would not want my demise to ruin the life of any other person. I doubt we will ever see a resolution of the problem . I keep a large calibre hand gun as I could probably be sucsusful with no outside aid. I will not loan weapons for that purpose as the procurement would seem to guarantee some reflection on the propriety of the decision.Unfortunately with age I am exposed to more and more of these problamatic situations. I think you have to plan your own way out knowing it may be twarted by circumstance and the will of others. To be ready is about all one can hope for. Bill
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