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58526When the student is ready?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 11, 2012
      When the student is ready?

      [ Dedem.

      What do you make of this famous statement, supposed to be
      occult, esoteric, arcane or mystical, which ever it is or all of the
      question Sir, because it seems to me that you by your experience ,you
      have debunked that statement of age old schools of Occultism and
      Mysticism, and even dangerous religion.

      A nice Sunday Sir. Here in Nigeria where I stay in the semi savannah
      region, it's blistering hot outside, I don't wish to have any
      reason to go outdoors. The cold winter must be creeping in on you over
      there. Well that's the way it has always been, I wish a godo could
      make it milder in both situations. Mind you Sir I did not say Amen. HAND
      Obi. ]

      Quite a nice day here today too Sir, and thank you for the email. A few
      moments ago I switched on the BBC TV News and found it was the
      Remembrance Day, Eleven of the hour on the eleventh of the eleventh.
      Contingencies there from all over the world, and of course the
      Commonwealth of Nations. They sure know how to put on a spectacle of
      pageantry, and it is very moving. And when Big Ben struck eleven and the
      silence of remembrance began for all those who fought and died in world
      wars for freedom it was not a dry eye affair. I would be happy stand
      among them were it not dominated by religious blurb. But they know
      nothing else. So I can understand that well enough. I would be quite
      happy to say Amen, meaning SO BE IT, but the question is SO BE IT to
      WHAT? I know what I would say SO BE IT to. But they don't know as
      to what I would say SO BE IT to. But I do. So, I look forward to the
      days when people can live together in peace on earth. And Amen to that.

      When the pupil is ready? I have to tell of what I found and nothing
      more, and nothing less. But in life I found that when somebody is ready
      and open and willing to learn then more learning comes along. Some call
      that mystical. I call it natural.

      Yes, the winter is creeping in here slowly, but like all the seasons it
      has its charms and works its way on things; as all seasons do. We have
      warm skins which we can put on to survive the cold. But I never forget
      that under all the snow there lays the Rose waiting its time to bloom.
      And it does when its time is ready. And the Last Rose of Summer is but
      the seed of the next one. When all seems quiet and still there is much
      going on which the eye does not see. As it does in all life and all

      As for the `mystical insights' then it is nothing more than
      seeing beyond the Veil of Time. Even a Cockney kid from the slums of
      London can do it. One does not need a man made education for that
      procedure to happen. And that is the truth of it. And let it remain so
      for ever more. Amen to that.

      Best wishes to you and yours Sir, and many your country prosper. Thanks
      for the name by the way, I will wear it with pride and dignity.

      Merlin of Exmoor.

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