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58525Following the Masters?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 11, 2012
      Following the Masters?

      [ My leanings to existentialism remain and though I probably will not
      reread the masters I will continue to relate their precepts to the world
      I still live in. Bill Grim William. ]

      Following the Masters? Smacks a little of religiosity and blind faith
      to me Grim William. Why sell your soul to men when there is so much
      else? Underneath all the robes, uniforms of power and the shining
      medallions, they are all boys and girls sir, lost and confused. You
      mentioned the difference between us. That is it sir. I never followed
      any man. So, you were right, we are not cut of the same cloth. Keep in
      mind that there is a greater strategy going on than a mere philosophical
      chess game of men's ideas, and it plays its moves out over a long
      time; and far longer than any chess game played by men. As for men of
      power then with right equipment one can see right through them like
      clear glass. Best see the game through to its last move before selling
      your mind and soul to somebody else Grim William. One can see much
      better when the fog of time lifts don't you know. But I wish you
      peace in your time, but if you don't find it then never mind, for
      time ends for all of us; and you will see clearly then with new eyes. As
      I can vouchsafe from hindsight of long ago.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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