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58524Horses for courses

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  • William
    Nov 10, 2012
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      I have never heard that one. I think of the heavy horse calvelry. The horses charging dead ahead and all else being driven before them. It becomes an attitude of invincibility and I have been that sort many times. Of course before you release such a force to task it is best to have great certainty of course. Lincoln said "Be sure you are right and then go ahead" . Abe`s thought process was turtuous but once he decided it was balls to the wall.Ask all the dead at Getteysburg.
      I had only one driving goal and that was dentistry but it grew branches and the horse was whipped from side to side. I became a heavy horse ask to do the job of a calf cutter. I plan to be a sloth until something interests me. It is liberating to cast yourself to the wind. I am listening to Radio Margaritaville. Jimmy Buffet seems to suggest a new mood to me And I want a new mood not a new plan.
      So many here of my age are retiring there is a new posse of wandering seniors. We drift around the malls without rancor. We were a purposeful generation and walking slowly ,stoically is strange. I think we will drift away in peace as we were never very warlike.
      Obama and his no drama approach seems to fit in and Mary has renued my faith with her positive appraisal of the millenial generation. Obama in tears saluted his young supporters, that scene told me about our young and about their leader. They have laudable ideals and seeming great energy to accomplishment. That is great news as the war horses are let out to pasture. We may just drift around in space until we drift away. Is that too little or too much? Bill
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