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58522Old School in a New Age?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 10, 2012
      Old School in a New Age?

      [ Merlin, Thank you for the good wishes. Indeed we have taken different
      paths. It is a beautiful day here today. Sunny and in the 70`s is about
      as good as it gets here. I just fed the critters and they are coming
      down from the oaks for the hand out. It has been a lock step life for
      me. Each move carefully planned each segment checked and rechecked.....
      So Dick, I am taking your advice to enjoy the post working life. I plan
      to continue writing here. My leanings to existentialism remain and
      though I probably will not reread the masters I will continue to relate
      their precepts to the world I still live in. I cannot imagine a life not
      filled with worry about making payroll and solving dental problems. I
      hope to leave those recurring chores behind and not fill in the stress
      with trivial matters. I want to learn to dial down and become a more
      mellow fellow and less abrasive person. I have been too busy to be happy
      and now I want to be happy to be less busy..... Ya, Merlin, we are
      different birds but I respect you for your hard fought individuality.
      You got no quit in you and that is rare. You are old school in a new
      age. Good luck, one as singular as you needs it. Bill Grim William. ]

      Old School in a New Age? Eemmm, that sounds about right to me :- )
      Quite like some of the New Age music though. Different kinds of birds?
      Yup, that too. Very different indeed. But unlike most you did not run
      away :- ) No need to now, for tis time for me to quit. Singular? Yup,
      it would seem so. Bit late for good luck here now squire, but heck, I
      thought that I had had it :- )) Typical November day up here on Exmoor
      today: bit of sunshine, bit of fog, bit of rain, not hot, not cold; not
      very exciting, bit boring. I will have to dig up a few memories of damp
      foggy evenings and see how they compare with now :- ))) Don't envy
      your life of planning everything out in advance. But as they say, horses
      for courses. Things might look up when you retire. I enjoyed the days
      when I was working actually. 1 to 70 were the best years. I am not
      really much into this retiring bit. But you still do what you can eh.
      Maybe I will take up playing music again. You never forget how to do it.

      Oh well, fascinating having known you. Grab the days. Keep your woman in
      the bed and the wolves away from the door. Keep happy.

      Sir Richard de Merlin of Exmoor.

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