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58506Corruption and Greed in Society

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  • Dick.
    Nov 7, 2012
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      Corruption and Greed in Society

      When will they ever learn !? A standard of living will never ever cure
      corruption and greed; and it never causes it.

      Corruption and greed (and the lack of it) will be found in any kind of
      political system and at any kind of level of society, the poorest and
      the wealthiest. Neither power or the lack of it is the cause of
      corruption and greed. Neither is education or the lack of it. Neither is
      happiness or the lack of it. WHEN, will they ever learn !?

      Corruption and greed is down to the type of person ! And none of the
      above is going to change them. Any attempt to change them is a waste of
      time and effort.

      What then should be done to those who corrupt an otherwise consensus of
      people who can get on with their lives and live together and with each
      other, without corruption and greed dragging that society down into
      chaos? Easy enough. Draw a line at what will be accepted and what will
      not and then segregate those who will not live together in peace, and
      let them form their own society some place else. Banging them up will
      get them out of the way of society but it will not cure them, ever. They
      are what they are and they are AT where they are AT. Yes, they can
      change. But not by way of anything that society can do for them.

      But where to put them; and keep them there. That is the problem. A huge
      fertile island or a space station would be ideal. And which could be
      watched at all times. What kind of a society would they build? Who
      cares. But if the sexes were segregated then they would not breed anyway
      :- ) All the time that any kind of society tolerates them within it then
      they will ply their trade and lifestyle and ruin the life style of
      others. When will they ever learn ! Power DOES NOT corrupt. But the
      corrupt usually seek it; and for obvious reasons. Harsh times call for
      harsh and firm methods. Trying to bribe them to be decent will not work.
      Human beings, and even with the best of intentions and skills, cannot
      turn a pint pot into a quart pot. A head transplant would do the job,
      but who would supply the head ! A one party system of elders which did
      not use money would be a means of preventing much of their trade to
      flourish. But it would not cure them. No political and social laws will
      ever alter them. Morality and decency can never be instilled or
      inflicted into them. If society does not address this situation, but
      simply does nothing and hopes that it will change; then chaos will


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