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  • William
    Nov 5, 2012
      Two guys I know have come back from Afganistan. It changed them . One just hated the place. He found it a bronse age place that subsists on war and smuggling.He talked about the combat pilots and spoke about their stress levels that are off the charts. He talked about the starving children just outside the base gates. He told of the enormous costs with truck drivers making 160,000/yr and vacations to australia in luxury condos. He was a mess and would be placed in Hawaii to do R&R. I hope a few months in paradise will revitalise him. He paid a great price to try and end that war.
      The other stud came back and wants to be in the military for the rest of his life. Both these young people are impressive individuals and I think they will both do very well. These men defy my criticism of the american young. We have first rate young people who have already given a great deal for their countries.
      To Irvin: Hold on little buddy, very soon you can blather on in broken academic language about nothing. I expect it of you as it is kind of like missing a fart in the wind. You can get used to almost anything. Bill
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