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58490Higher Vibrational Living?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 5, 2012
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      Higher Vibrational Living?

      [ You mentioned living a higher vibratioanl level of conscious existence
      which was in harmony and union with the outer world and which enhanced
      all the senses to experience it that way; and this was after
      experiencing the union with the primordial and eternal root of life. If
      there is one thing which the governments and religions do not want it is
      people who's minds they do not have control over and who live their
      life independently of those inflicted mind control dogmas and their
      think tanks. So, in a way you are a terrorist; and you keep yelling
      freedom. You are not alone. You don't like to call it enlightenment
      or illumination because it smacks of old religions that go way back into
      antiquity, so you call it Psychognosis. But by any name it is what it is
      and the world seems to be heading that way despite all the inflicted
      dogmas and mind control. I wish you well. ]

      Thank you; and you too. My beef, if one can call it that, is not really
      with the natural slowness of evolution of the inner unfolding, for it is
      slow BUT sure, and it works. So the real beef is with the man-made
      processes which are put in the path of that which slows it down to keep
      people in a bondage to the mind control systems of their liking. As to
      what the real metaphysical understandings were prior to about five
      thousand years ago then I have no idea what they were or what they were
      like. Neither do I care. But as far back as I can get information on
      there has been control by priestcraft which they probably now call the
      political new world order. But I have never played to their rules and
      codes anyway so none of it has ever effected me. I went my own way from
      the beginning of my life here. And it has been good. I have never
      needed anything to live by which did not come with the package of my own
      inner being. But I agree that a name is only a name and not at all
      important – other than as a means of communication. So, the world
      order can go its way and I will go mine. As I always did anyway. THAT
      is freedom. And the natural unfolds easer that way of its own accord and
      rhythm. They called it the music of spheres didn't they? :- ) I
      think the really ancient druids and mystics must have known about it to
      some extent. And they of course were the deadly pagans who refused to be
      converted by Rome ;- )


      Merlin of Exmoor

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