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  • William
    Nov 4, 2012
      Howard Fineman fears a right wing backlash if Romney loses. He says the flight of the republican party to the rural south has imbued it with a rebellous and bitter core that will cause more than political problems. He sees a separation from the rest of the country that leaves them more secessionist than american . Haley Barber cannot even abide with Miks Blumbergs allignment with Obama. Haley just refuses to accept it happned. It is that sort of denial that leads to insurections. Haley is an astute politician and smells defeat coming and already is blaming the jews and italians who are really not republicans in his lexicon. Chris Christy is as turncoat as Blumburg and the rural south just implodes into a tighter and tighter pit. Fineman thinks it will go critical mass and explode. Just what form that explosion might take he does not say . If it remains a civil insurrection the repurcussions might be held to political sanctions but if it goes to the streets the end of the republican party we have now may be at hand. Barbour is already saying that house republicans will continue to stonewall and try to run the country from a minority position. With a second term president that is unlikely especially with sequestration just around the corner. So real change may be coming but it may be injurious to the country and especially to the south. So look to Virginia first and then Ohio. Its crunch time. Bill
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