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58478Classic Writers on Mysticism?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 3, 2012
      Classic Writers on Mysticism?

      [ There have been so many writers on mysticism, and so much written
      about it, that no living person could read it all and take it all in. If
      they tried to then they would not know what to believe or what is the
      truth about it. So who really are the classic writers on Mysticism?
      Perhaps that is why so many people believe that there is no absolute
      truth about it, or no absolute truth at all about anything. ]

      In which case then perhaps that is a good thing, and they might stop
      believing in anything at all. And I wonder what it is that they are each
      calling `mysticism'; and why so :- ) Ask them. It would be
      interesting if a real count was done on as to how many books have been
      written on `mysticism' and how many on chess. But, you know, it
      does not really matter, for chess is just a game. So too is religion and
      its various forms of `mysticism'. Just a game. But life is not
      a game however, nor is consciousness, and nor is conscious experience.

      As to what makes a classic writer on mysticism then presumably it would
      be the ones who the most people adhere to and buy the books of and
      choose to believe in and then follow. Sad isn't it. Life by proxy! I
      would keep out of it all if I were you. And just live your life. See
      what comes along. That is what I did, and I have no complaints, and I
      don't believe in a danged thing and never did. As the body gets
      older and more decrepit I might need a bloody stick to lean on ( I hope
      not) but I sure have not gone through life leaning on anything or
      anyone. So, why not take it as you find it? It ain't too bad you
      know; and it sure is mysterious. And if there were no mystery then you
      would never ask any questions would you. If I had a pound for every
      question I have asked myself, and sometimes others, then I would be very
      wealthy indeed :- ) But, you know, and dang it, life does not give me
      any money when I ask a question :- ) But I sometimes get an answer to
      them. And sometimes is better than never innit.

      Here is a good one for you to work on ( I had to do it once; and I
      recommend it) Work out as to how you know when you have got an answer to
      something. Study yourself.

      Dick Richardson

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