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58470The End is the Beginning?

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  • Dick.
    Nov 2, 2012
      The End is the Beginning?

      [ You say, and also in your poem, that the end is the beginning. But
      what do you mean by this, it is very difficult to try to understand it?

      It is simple. My existing at the end of my trip here and back to from
      whence I came, was the same in the end as it was in the beginning. Like
      a circular trip. But the end, for me, was another beginning, and I came
      back here again, from there; for the second time. From eternity for this
      purpose. One could also say the end is the same as in the beginning, it
      is the same thing, and the same thing by the living experience of it.
      One knows that one is home there. Now, if you are from a different place
      and return to a different place then fine, and find out what that is and
      where it is and what it is like. But I know where I came from. And the
      end of a life here is the same as the beginning. That is what it means.
      But you cannot stay there, it is a womb; the womb of life and
      consciousness. Well, mine anyway. See if yours is the same when the time
      comes. But you will not be able to tell me. I like my home very much,
      and I like it here too, even more. I have no freedom there you see. And
      good though it is I like freedom better. So, from eternity for this
      purpose you see. And the end is as the beginning and the beginning is as
      the end. They are not two things, they are the same thing. That is what
      I found so that is what I wrote down for the testimony of it. And it is
      not up for debate. For it is so. That which is in-between the
      beginning and the end is what I call a lifetime. Hope you understand

      Dick Richardson

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