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  • William
    Oct 30, 2012
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      The preexistentialists were serious fellows. They came from mathematical backgrounds and demanded a rigor to their philosophical renderings. The later existentialists ,especially Camus, were influenced by psychological material and were less strict in their acepptance of included material.
      It may be we have examined most of the relevant things of worth so now we cleve to the imaginary, the improbable even the rediculous. I find those things that are at best coincidental to be outside the perview of existentialism. If you have been drunk and saw a purple cow it is not proper to include the study of purple cows in modernism. If you drop LSD and hallicunate a technicolor world of plastic people it does not belong in existentialism. If you fall into an altered state of consciousness of unknown origin your findings do not belong in existentialism. Pulling several of these events into a group of ideas that have no known origin do not belong in existentialism. They may be a fine serendipidous fun house for you but that fantasy land is not a part of existentialism. Existentialism began in the rational and even though that may be less colorful than imagined states it is more reliable as the philosophy rests on the real,not the believed or imagined. If you let your dreams rule your life you are an ungoverned person. Bill
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