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  • Dick.
    Oct 29, 2012
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      [ It is said that jealousy is one of the major human problems. How do
      you find this? ]

      I am no expert or authority on it :- ) Never really had it. But one
      would be looking at two things here again. One being a feeling of
      jealousy and the other being what you do about it. If one feels jealousy
      they don't HAVE to do anything because of it. So once again it is
      the effects and the things done which can be the problem.

      It seems to effect two different things also. A jealousy for wanting
      something which somebody else has etc, and the other being the feeling
      of jealousy about a lover. In the case of the latter it is more about
      possibly losing something which you have. Personally I have never envied
      things which people had so I do not know that feeling.

      So, the little I do know about that kind of feeling has been in the
      early days of courting somebody you seriously like or love and the
      feeling that you might be losing them when they seem to be seriously
      flirting with somebody :- ) But are they serious about it or are they
      just teasing you and testing you out to see your reaction?

      The problem here is that you want them to enjoy themselves and have fun,
      and also when you are not with them. So what do you do? My reaction
      was to do nothing at all, and say nothing at all. Grin and bear it :- )
      The thing is that if they preferred the other person then you don't
      want them hanging around you; so let them go. If they don't want to
      go then they will not go :- ) If they are just teasing you then ignore
      it and they will stop. So there isn't really a problem is there. A
      far bigger problem is in getting rid of somebody when you don't want
      them around, and without hurting them. But yes, it does seem that there
      are a lot of problems and crimes involved with jealousy. Or rather the
      things people do because of it. But you might do better to ask somebody
      with a lot of experience of this.


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