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58450Absolute Disbelief?

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  • Dick.
    Oct 29, 2012
      Absolute Disbelief?

      [ There is a sort of continuum in which on one end we have absolute
      disbelief and on the other complete commitment to the truth of a
      proposition or fact. On most matters reasonable belief is as good as it
      gets. ]

      And what effect exactly does Believing or Disbelieving something have on
      a person?

      And what of people like myself who have never used Believing or
      Disbelieving? We seem to get by OK.

      Where does `truth' come to matter when it comes to conscious
      experience of something? If I experience the cat sitting on the mat
      around the fire then where does belief and truth come into this? The cat
      is experienced to be sitting on that mat and that is that. How can an
      experience be NOT true experience? Which bits of life are not true
      experience? If you see the cat sitting on the mat then what is there to
      believe or disbelieve? If I switch the light switch on the light either
      comes on or it does not. What is there to believe or not believe? Prior
      to switching the light switch on do I have to believe that it will or
      will not come on?

      Why would one need proof or even a belief that we have lived our life
      and done what we did? Do people get beguiled and confused because of
      words? Watching a cat on the mat needs no words. Nor does it need any
      help from somebody else. Can I accept that the cat sat on the mat if a
      scientist or a priest tells me that it is OK to experience that? Did
      you know that you can round up cats? I do it every day. It is easy.
      All I have to do is yell FOODIES in a high pitched voice and they come
      running from all over the joint and then follow me. So do the dogs. But
      not gold fish. Is absolute belief better and more effective than
      KNOWING? Why not DUMP the word belief? A firm belief in something might
      stop a person looking. Where has all this believing in gods and demons
      got people and society? What good does it do them? How many gods have
      you met? Describe them to me if you will.

      Roll on evolution.

      Dick Richardson

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