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58439Were all religions invented nonsense?

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  • Dick.
    Oct 28, 2012
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      Were all religions invented nonsense?

      [ Do you think that all religions were and are invented nonsense? ]

      I doubt if ALL religions were politically motivated inventions as are
      the modern ones for the last three or four thousand years. I would
      imagine that the very early ones were just invented to fill gaps in
      knowledge, and what most people thought might be true become the local
      acceptable belief system. What causes thunder? It must be magic. But
      when we are born knowing that there are things which we do not know the
      answer to, and knowing that there must be answers to them, then you have
      a mystery. Probably the biggest motivation for it originally was the
      fear of death. Maybe the belief of extinction did not appeal to them so
      they modified it to suit their needs and wants. Then of course some of
      them must have originated from `odd' experiences. But there is
      no way that we are going to learn about ALL the religions that have ever
      been around in humanity. I bet the animals don't worry about it :-
      ) My only interest in them is getting rid of them because they mess
      people up. But where one has been hard wired into somebody then you
      ain't going to shift it; so don't waste your time trying to,
      like Dawkins does. They sure don't want gaps do they :- ) I
      don't mind gaps, I find them exciting and you might be able to crawl
      through them. There is sometimes a surprise on the other side of the
      gaps; and you might be amazed.


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