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58435When the World Ended?

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  • Dick.
    Oct 27, 2012
      When the World Ended?

      [ The part of your exegesis in which the world ended seems to me to be
      perhaps the major key or switch to the transcendent ground of being
      experience and the I AM. Don't you think?]

      It was a great turning point when the world ended for me. But I would
      not say that it was the major key or catalyst. The major Key is that I
      am that. The world ending was instantaneous; but it was but a door into
      the middle section and the beginning of that journey `across the
      Styx' or passing through `the gap in the universe'. But
      during all that I could still remember the world; and I was still me the
      personality; even though the world was not there. But a strange kind of
      time still existed. It was not Eternity. The `major key' was
      when I forgot about the world. The world was not only gone but it was
      also forgotten about. The great forgetfulness. That happens in
      Annihilation, as I explained in the book. Also, as I said, there is no
      personality in the I AM in transcendence.

      But when it is done, achieved, known, then the world and personality are
      instantaneously back again. But the world is not seen quite the same way
      as it was seen before all this took place. Also the personality sensory
      equipment has some enhancements made to its sensitivity range. It
      becomes more than what it was. A wider radar screen. But that also comes
      a bit at a time and one has to learn to use it. You tell folks all this
      a million times yet it remains in the halls of silence. There is no
      profit or power in any of this. It is not worth any money.

      But it has long been known that in order to know yourself then you must
      leave it behind and that to know the world it first has to go and you
      must leave it behind. The planet does not go anywhere. One leaves the
      consciousness of the world and time events and change, behind. You GO
      and you come back. And you bring it back with you. It was once called
      redemption of what we ARE. Getting it back again. That is all it is.
      Knowing one's SELF and coming back here again (the second coming)
      with that gnosis or understood knowledge of firsthand experience of what
      we ARE and where we come from. Do you see? That is simple enough to
      follow and understand isn't it? But once again I have to mention
      that all that is only half of the story and that bit is quite common. It
      is the next bit which is really the catalyst for the establishment of
      Homo Ensophicus. It isn't just about knowing what you are and where
      you come from, it is also knowing about that which you are NOT, and why
      you are that which you are. I don't know how many times one has to
      say this for it to get through. Maybe it needs about ten million people
      to say it. But that would truly put the spanner in the works for the
      existing world order. It would also be effective if they all spoke the
      same language and terms when they are talking about the same thing.
      That'll be the day. I hope the planet lasts long enough. Or we get
      off it before we cannot survive on it.

      Dick Richardson

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