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58422Re: Heaven is real says neurosurgeon

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  • Dick.
    Oct 26, 2012
      So what point are you, and or he, making with this communication? Have
      you made a study of the types of human experience and the degrees of
      each types? Dear death experiences are one of the most common types of
      psychic experience and they have been recorded ever since recording
      began in writing; albeit not by that name. They are ALL different, but
      they slot within one category of one type of human conscious experience.
      All you can prove from NDE's is that people can have them when close
      to death. Also, many people have no experience at all when near to
      death. They are not important and are no longer worth recording and
      disseminating. The study of the self is well worth studying however.
      Neither can you study consciousness devoid of content. There is no such
      thing as consciousness devoid of content. If you are conscious then you
      have to be conscious of something, even if it is of yourself in a void
      of nothing else. This is all old hat.

      Also, what difference does it make if a scientist is talking about an
      NDE or Fishmonger or a Bishop? None at all. But you are welcome to try
      and chew the bones out of this.


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