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  • William
    Oct 17, 2012
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      The gridlock has been long and boring. Crooks and terrorists grabbed the news sources . Now things are beginning to break out. The hyper dangerous stratospheric leap was sensational. The Austrian chutist has shown skill and courage of an unusual degree. When I looked at the proposal I thought the man would kill himself. That he did it and survived is a feat of rare dedication to a desire to move forward.
      In the debate the sharp exchange on energy was most timely. The huge Saudi fields, the russian deal for artic drilling and the new fields found off Venisuala make energy less precarious and can lower tensions world wide. There will be enough energy with little need for fighting. It gives the Islamic cultures more time to evolve without foreign interventions. Russia becomes an energy giant on a par with Saudi and a quiet ,stable russia can help world order.
      The debate was sharpe and well played. It should be sharp as it is for the most powerful job on the planet. The winner will be decided soon,by the voters. The candidates took it to the limit, the chutist played with death and won and the oil companies are doing their jobs to a remarkable level that buys us time and hope. With remarkable humans turning in remarkable results I think we all can relax just a bit and enjoy our brief existance. Bill