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58382Re: Stark choice.

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  • Mary
    Oct 12, 2012
      I've been reading John Dewey recently and can't believe how little has changed since WWI to reorganize our society in order to enhance educative experiences for a vibrant democracy. It's clear that the wealthy as a class are not doing their share to build a better world.

      I was very happy with Biden's performance. He missed a few opportunities for emphasizing that Romney-Ryan will slash entitlements in order to finance across the board tax cuts for reducing the deficit. The wealthy do not need tax cuts; they've had them and done nothing to stimulate the economy, and the banks aren't lending either. The difference between the two campaigns on war and abortion were the clearest. We can't afford any more traditional wars, and we don't want the government spending money to hunt down women and their abortion doctors. Talk about government interference and bureaucracy! Just fix the goddamned economy by asking the wealthy to risk as much as the soldiers they send into battle, the risk the poor have by just being alive, women have with unwanted pregnancies, or at-risk children experience coming into this world.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:
      > When a high ranking republican operative told me they would do anything to elect Bush 1 I thought it was just bluster. Then I found out Chaney was teaming up on the ticket and I knew the neocons had found their attack dog. Chaney would give the trickle down foolishness a ruthless champion who learned from Nixon and found any scruples a hinderance. The hapless Gore gave up and the hell started for this country.
      > In a few hours the democratic attack dog will have a go at the latest supply side candidate. I wish Joe Biden luck and hopes he embarasses the right winger into giving up. Biden has a deep mean streak and it is time he lets it out. I will not go further into supply side foolishness, it is time for a professional to do the dissection. Sharpen the long knives and be merciless,Joe. No quarter and no excuses. Bill
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