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  • William
    Oct 11, 2012
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      When a high ranking republican operative told me they would do anything to elect Bush 1 I thought it was just bluster. Then I found out Chaney was teaming up on the ticket and I knew the neocons had found their attack dog. Chaney would give the trickle down foolishness a ruthless champion who learned from Nixon and found any scruples a hinderance. The hapless Gore gave up and the hell started for this country.
      In a few hours the democratic attack dog will have a go at the latest supply side candidate. I wish Joe Biden luck and hopes he embarasses the right winger into giving up. Biden has a deep mean streak and it is time he lets it out. I will not go further into supply side foolishness, it is time for a professional to do the dissection. Sharpen the long knives and be merciless,Joe. No quarter and no excuses. Bill
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