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  • bhvwd
    Oct 7, 2012
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      Mary and Irvan,I have always advised to vote your pocketbook. As a retiree I have left the land of milk and honey and join the pesantry in scrapping for crumbs. Rich Romney is a nightmare for fixed income people. I dislike his religion and I dislike his economics. I dislike him as a pretty boy silver spoon guy. Romneys country club speach really pissed me off,what an eletist ass. If elected he would finish gutting this country and handing it over to the rich bankers and insurance crooks. Bush /Chaney almost got it done and Obama has done a great job with the wars and jobs. The right wing conspiracy is to rule,not to govern. They are utterly anti progressive and fight the cultural wars with religous zeal. I want to see them finished off as a political party in my lifetime. A center right party as the republicans used to be might interest me but not this hood wearing racist mob that struts its bigotry , hate and intolerance with pride.I`m getting old but not old in the sense I become brittle to injustice and cheer civil rights intolerance,voter supression and states rights immigration policy. That is the dark side and I will not support such narrow , viscious people.Before Nixon initiated the cultural wars George Wallace types were scoffed at by serious people but you blow enough hate into a party as Lee Atwater did you create the monster tha right is today. My Obama sign stays put for the above mentioned reasons and more. Bill
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