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58364What constitutes an interesting person?

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  • Dick.
    Oct 6, 2012
      What constitutes an interesting person?

      [ What constitutes an interesting person for you Merlin? ]

      Everybody. They are all a mystery to me. I would also have to add to
      that Everybody Individually and Everybody Collectively. To even try
      thinking about all this blows one's mind away. But of all the people
      that there ever was and is now then which one do you know best (after
      yourself of course)? Presumably your spouse. How long have you known
      them? How long have you lived with them? How much do you know about
      them? How do you get on with them? What exists to be known about them?

      How long would it take a person to come to know everything there is to
      know about Organ Stops, or Garden Birds, or Wind Instruments? How long
      would it take somebody to play every piece of music that has ever been
      written? How much do you know and how much can you do in a lifetime?
      How long would it take you to read every book that was ever written? Do
      you know everything there is to know about medicine? About every human
      language? About every postage stamp? Does the `theory of
      everything' know everything? Can it do everything? Can it fly a
      Kite? Can it spread butter on bread? Can it do anything?

      Of all the human beings whom I have ever known I have never meet one who
      has read more books than my wife. She started reading at two and used
      to read under the sheets with a torch. Added to which she is a speed
      reader. That cannot be taught. Added to which she has a photographic
      memory. Imagine that. But what percentage of all the books ever written
      has she read? Practically nothing. What does she read about? To many
      topics to mention. She has never read anything which I have ever written
      :- )))) What can she do? Well, she cannot repair a fuse ;- ) She can
      obtain a degree easy. But come to that what can any person do? What can
      you do? What do you know EVERYTHING about? What makes a person
      interesting? Is a person who never DOES anything interesting? Is a
      person who never says anything interesting? I cannot answer your
      question sir. Not only is it too complicated it is also mysterious. And
      what I can know and do in one short lifetime amounts to zilch. Oh by the
      way, if you have a godo can it play every musical instrument? Can it
      drive every known vehicle? Does it KNOW everything? Can it do
      everything? Can it do my shoes up? I can do that at least. I can know
      more than your godo can know and I can do more than your godo can do.
      For I exist. But what I can know and do does not amount to very much and
      is probably about as useful and effective as fart in a hurricane. But
      what do I find interesting? Everything which I can know anything about.
      How many millions of lifetimes would it take to study it all? And where
      would I begin? I think I would being with myself in its beginning. How
      about you?

      Dick Richardson

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