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58360Re: Why China Does Capitalism Better than the U.S.

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  • Mary
    Oct 5, 2012
      Yes! Concerned citizens should consider themselves as having a special interest in democracy. Government is the people, at least those who care enough to make it theirs. So many young people are beginning to understand we need more political parties and want the change that only they can begin. Centrism, as was on full display in the presidential debate, so much so that you can't tell one party from the other, is not a good thing. Differences should be stark, but like the President's manner, should be conciliatory and civilized, and above all honest. People just don't accept refusing to borrow from China on the one hand, but then supporting businesses who operate there on the other. If those undecided or so called independents make their choice on appearance and not substance, they'll get what they deserve but we'll all have to suffer for it. Not voting changes nothing.


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      The people can and should reform the capitalist monopoly within the USA. That is our strength and this gridlock is engineered and financed by the banks and insurance companies. We the people can break this gridlock and steep regulation of our capitalist class is the
      answer. China cannot do that because its people have no voice. Americans have such power but are duped into obesance to tin ,capitalist gods. Now media are in the capitalist camp and push the agenda of the banks and insurance companies. If we produce and properly regulate we can have a better, more agile system than one party dictatorships. The way is not to become more like Great Britain or China of the present but more like USA of the near future. Bill
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