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  • Mary
    Sep 10, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:

      Is there any way you can beat Walker?

      Bill, unfortunately, though he was elected in 2010 and didn't take office officially until January 2011, we had to wait until this year before mounting and losing the recall. He's not up for election for another two years. Fortunately, the Democrats won the state senate in a more recent election. Some balance restored.

      I also forgot to mention that one of the Republicans' announced goals during the campaign was easing environmental restrictions. At the time, however, nobody knew the Kochs were behind the much of this agenda. However, the senate voted against a new iron ore mine which promised new jobs, but at the price of easing pollution protections.


      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <josephson45r@> wrote:
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      > > What transpired here was happening in several other states simultaneously. It was orchestrated at least by the Koch brothers and part of a long term agenda to trim budgets at the expense of average workers, while further enhancing those vested corporations. Of course this agenda was not completely articulated during Walkers 2010 campaign, and this what many voters were concerned about. I think the recall campaign overestimated the labor demographic; not that many workers are in unions any more, and many are upset with nonperforming schools. The Walker administration and republican legislators turned down federal mass transit grants, enacted voter photo ID requirements (which were overturned as unconstitutional in Wisconsin), overturned state laws to make it easier for women to sue for workplace discrimination, refuses to begin setting up insurance pools per the Affordable Health Care Act, and purposely doesn't fill quotas for eligible Medicaid recipients. Schools are closed, class room size increased, vouchers for charter schools increased; this after the teachers unions conceded larger contribution for health and pension benefits. It's all part of their winner take all mentality and has ruined our state's progressive tradition and poisoned either side for any possible spirit of compromise.
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      > > Mary
      > > Mary, thank you that is needed information as the bounce from the convention has to be maintained until the election. The congress ia a complete loser and just wants to go home and campaign. Is there any way you can beat Walker?
      > The SEAL book gave a militarist like myself something to savor. I want a big miliatry cut but it has to be the right things cut. The huge maneuver devisions,built to fight Warsaw pact in Europe have to go. They are outmoded and useless. We need to grow Special Warfare units and remain ready to hit fast and hard,anywhere. The old brass hats want major ships of the line and armour divisions. We need light infantry,rangers ,green berets and seals. We need more drones and stealth delivery systems. I understand we killed another AlQueda leader and those are our enemies not Syria or even Iran. If we cut back those huge conventional forces we need never again give a fool like Bush a chance to start a useless war. The savings in this country could make this place somewhere the people could thrive. That is why I wrote about sequestration because it seems the only way to cut defense to the levels we need. The saudi we let out of Getmo has been killed in Yemen. He sneaked out of Saudi and got what he deserved. We would never have got him with traditional forces and of course he should never have been let go. Our spec war people should be trained to kill and then identify such combatants. We are at war with Alqueda and bringing them back for trial is bad policy. Spec war warriors do not have the luxury of the old Geneva convention. Those rules of engagement ,like the equiptment are of another age.That should be part of the next wave of change. Bill
      > > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@> wrote:
      > > I am sure in your recall fight many unsavory facts came out and You might consider relating them here. Here we saw it as union busting but that was just the tip of the controversy. For the amount of heat generated and money spent something very big must have been at stake.
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