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58143Re: No god inhabits a city.

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  • Mary
    Sep 10, 2012
      What transpired here was happening in several other states simultaneously. It was orchestrated at least by the Koch brothers and part of a long term agenda to trim budgets at the expense of average workers, while further enhancing those vested corporations. Of course this agenda was not completely articulated during Walkers 2010 campaign, and this what many voters were concerned about. I think the recall campaign overestimated the labor demographic; not that many workers are in unions any more, and many are upset with nonperforming schools. The Walker administration and republican legislators turned down federal mass transit grants, enacted voter photo ID requirements (which were overturned as unconstitutional in Wisconsin), overturned state laws to make it easier for women to sue for workplace discrimination, refuses to begin setting up insurance pools per the Affordable Health Care Act, and purposely doesn't fill quotas for eligible Medicaid recipients. Schools are closed, class room size increased, vouchers for charter schools increased; this after the teachers unions conceded larger contribution for health and pension benefits. It's all part of their winner take all mentality and has ruined our state's progressive tradition and poisoned either side for any possible spirit of compromise.


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      I am sure in your recall fight many unsavory facts came out and You might consider relating them here. Here we saw it as union busting but that was just the tip of the controversy. For the amount of heat generated and money spent something very big must have been at stake.
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