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58107A seed has flown

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  • Dick.
    Sep 1, 2012
      A seed has flown

      I sent out an email message this morning regarding the advent of Homo
      Ensophicus ORG to many places, and it will no doubt reach thousands of
      ears, so a seed has flown. It will need many more seeds to be blown out
      there, and to everywhere and everyone you know. Whether they like you
      are not :- ) For once they have heard it the seed has landed. And, by
      jimony, seeds can grow. Look on the bright side. Do what you can do for
      the better with gusto and don't cry about what you cannot do, for
      somebody else can probably do that. But if you don't do what you can
      do then it might not get done at all. So, DO IT. That is, in part, what
      life is for, to DO IT. Not cry about it. Do it until it kills you, for
      something will anyway so make it something worthwhile while you have the
      chance and opportunity so to do. Be positive about it. You can do it.
      Pessimism, sloth, suppression and tyranny are our enemy, so go zap it.
      Life is yours to live and make use of it, so live it and DO IT. The
      world can benefit from it. You might leave footprints and ripples in the
      sands of time which echo in eternity. Go for it. Ab Aeterno Ad Hoc.

      Dick Richardson

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