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58106Of things to come

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  • Dick.
    Aug 31, 2012
      Of things to come.

      The Homo Ensophicus Advent group-archive now has its compliment of
      owners. What it will need now is a tsunami amount of advertising –
      world-wide. Change IS coming, but it could do with a hand to open the
      flood gates. Life can do the rest on its own. And life is more important
      than yours or mine – fun though it is living it; and as it should be
      :- )) But it could be a lot better than it is right now. It seems also
      that people will be living longer and hopefully healthier lives. That is
      good, for it gives them time to learn and then time to do something with
      it, and in all the spheres of human potential, including the sciences,
      the arts, and cultural and political development and enhancement. There
      is no known limits to what could be done and achieved. But people need
      liberating not smothering, and positivity not negativity; and rewarded
      for their efforts in the here and now, not in the afterlife; for that
      can take care of itself. But WE have to take care of here, and it needs
      it now and always. This HAS to be a collective effort, not just a few
      people. Good luck and best wishes with your efforts. It is all
      worthwhile. Let your progeny and descendents be glad that you were here
      and did what you did while you could. As said before, this past century
      has been the most traumatic in human history, and with so much in the
      way of rivers of tears. But out of the ashes of that can rise the
      phoenix and fly with so many lesson of hindsight and hopes for the
      future. Go for it.

      Dick Richardson

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