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57782Introspectionism and Scientific Psychology

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  • rwr
    Aug 3, 2012
      Introspectionism and Scientific Psychology

      Just had a cursory glance SuZ, it sounds interesting enough. It is
      perhaps what I have always done naturally and called it Practical
      Integrative Psychology. And to study all ones thoughts, feelings,
      motivations and past experiences. Maps, Psychology and Politics were my
      first there loves even as a little boy during the war. And what is there
      that is closer to one to study than oneself? Nothing. And nobody can do
      it for you. The more I have found the more amazing it all gets. When I
      was a little boy I was amazed at the wonder of BEING. Now as an old man
      I am even more amazed. Quite a Phenomenon is Man.

      Dick Richardson

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