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  • William
    Jul 2, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "rwr" <dick.richardson@...> wrote:
      > Socio-Political Left Right
      > [ The real fight here that caused the breakdown of the list was not
      > philosophical or existential. Now the right is vicious, tenacious and
      > dedicated. The left is theoretical lazy and abstract..... Now Dick
      > is probably left of me. I am left of Bush but right of Tom Harkin. None
      > of the caball were existentialists but the socialist friends who hid
      > behind the veil of existentialism. As leftists they split and ran when
      > affronted. Dick does not give a damn about American politics but he is a
      > hard Brit and will not be backed off by soft leftist shit.... Why not
      > call yourselves post modernist leftists rather than hiding under a false
      > existential banner. Billgrim William. ]
      > I do not fit into the work-a-day terminology of political left-right at
      > all William. I am neither a hard or soft left or right wing anything
      > within this modern day spectrum of socio-politics. I want it ALL
      > scrapped, and capitalism scrapped; and money scrapped; and banks
      > scrapped; and Homo Sapiens scrapped: and not to be replaced by a far
      > left dictatorial machine regime. So, even the term post modernist is way
      > off beam for my socio-political stance. And it has been like it since
      > the age of four. You only have to look around you to see all the lying
      > and cheating and conniving and corruption of Homo Sapiens. It is a
      > redundant species and the sooner it goes down the evolutionary
      > extinction black hole the better. Change is way overdue.
      > My interest as a very young child was the Human Situation. It still is
      > seventy years later. There is nothing within the human situation which
      > can be extracted from the human situation and that includes politics.
      > How we decide to live work and play together on this planet and when we
      > move out there into colonising the local space out there. For people to
      > say they are not interested in politics is to say they are not
      > interested in life and our situation here on this world. There is a lot
      > of real estate out there and I intend grabbing some of it. But they
      > can't even run this place yet. They shit all over it and all over
      > their own dignity and integrity. SHIT POTS ! Perhaps in a thousand years
      > time they might well say that I am post modernist. But I will not be
      > here in a thousand years time, so being a pragmatists I am concerned
      > with today because I have to live it today. One cannot NOT live in the
      > times one is living in, so you just have to make the most of situation
      > while trying to change it for the better in a subtle psychological ways
      > – and ways that conform to the human situation as it really IS. All
      > three parts of us. There is no way that I am not going to enjoy this
      > life simply because it is still in the dark ages. The world of humanity
      > will not come right until they first get themselves right. The first
      > revolution MUST be on the INSIDE. Then as it is on the inner so too will
      > it become on the outer. But not until then. Human evolutionary change is
      > slow. Too bloody slow. We can help it along. I/WE/US must become the
      > living reflection on earth as to what I am/we are in the root of my/our
      > being. They don't even know what that is yet. How blind can blind
      > get !
      > I exist. Therefore I do something about it and with it. Nobody else can
      > move your machine around and direct it. ONLY YOU. And no fuck faced godo
      > or politician is pulling my strings and calling my tune. I can do that
      > for myself thank you.
      > Have a nice day.
      > Dick Richardson
      > Merlin,I am having a truly grand Fourth. Your post was a treat but the local news grabbed me by the nuts. Cern is going to have a news conference and the world of science, technology, philosophy and religion will all have blistered skin in the game.The certitude, in a precision number is cast and the Standard Model is validated. Welcome to a known cosmos and a future of our decision as the prime species. You love the critters I like the critters. We are responsible for them and science and our thin humanity might save them. No damn Pope need apply and no clown cult need step forward. Science has given us a grand gift and I am exceedingly happy. Few will understand ,at first, but now the walls that Aquiinas built are crumbling. The false logic of popes and the fools of faith are revealed and only the true people of plurality are to be trusted. The standard model is complex ,very complex but I have waded through it and understand. The new age is proved even touogh few will understand, yet Bill
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