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57368Stomping on a dream

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  • William
    Jul 1, 2012
      "Thats Life" was a Sanatra song. The lyric goes "Some people just get their kicks stomping on a dream". Now we all have our unprovable tenants. The authors or politicians or views that turn our crankshafts are our most human holdings. I like science, Mary likes Zizek, Bookdoc likes absurdism,Susan likes authority. Oh ,Yes Peter likes art and I have a bunch being evaluated for sale.

      Dicks DREAM, my capitals, was mystic. He separated it from existentialism and like most here did not claim to be an existentialist. My dream was one of applied science and now I am ending that segment of life. I do not read Dicks mysticism, as I do not read Marys Zizek. I read Bookdoc because he has a perspective and verbiage that is of interest to me. I also like Peters art. I also read Susans authoritarianism for protection . So why stomp on the foibles and simple joys of others? Acknowledge, refute and ignore but don`t stomp. As children we would light a bag of shit on the porch of assholes in the neighborhood. So stomp on a dream and you deserve shit. Bill